"Guaranteed Results Fast!"
"Guaranteed Results Fast!"

Vanished in 2 days!

I am an avid runner. I run constantly - rain or shine, snow or ice, hot or cold. I'm passionate about it. I got shin splints 1 year ago, and they were bad! I could not run down the street without experiencing extreme pain.  Someone suggested I use the slant board product designed by SIG Sam, and I did. A few simple stretches 3 times a day. My pain vanished in 2 days - no joke! They're gone for good...

...I still saw results!

"This past year I injured my knee while running... After talking with SIG Sam - (David), he conviced me to try one of his incline boards... Despite the fact that I didn't use it consistantly, I still saw amazing reaults..."




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My mission is to empower you. I want to effectively educate YOU on how to deal with your own problems, without having to constantly rely on someone else. To take control of your problems, means you can also take control of the bills you get, the places you have to be, and the fees you have to pay! My goal is to make you a problem solver by communicating the method. I don't go by "the book". I go by experience, and what works for you. Life is different for every individual, and my promise to you, is to meet you where you are!

"More Power To You"

Live a fit life, and enjoy it!

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When you have tight muscles, either in your legs, knees, ankles, or even your hips, it affects major portions of your lower body. By doing some simple stretches a few times a day, you can easily correct common problems that lead to pain. Platar Fasciitis, knee pain, ankle pain, hip pain, even lower back or lumbar pain. The pain you feel is the result of the wrong muscles being used in an unnatural way to compensate for the "proper" weak muscles not being used!



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