"Guaranteed Results Fast!"
"Guaranteed Results Fast!"

Looking for quicker results?

It all started when David Stelzl Jr. - also known as SIG Sam became a runner at the age of 13. At first, it was the drudgery of day in and day out workout routine. "Just to the next sign...the next telephone pole..." he would tell himself. Eventually, running became a habit and something he would look forward to each week. "I love to get out for a run now. I enjoy seeing people, feeling the wind, the heat, sometimes even the rain, ice or snow. It's the highlight of my day when I hit that 5 mile high" says David, the owner and trainer at SIG Sam Professional Services. When David was 14, he damaged the tendons in his knee pretty severely. After undergoing intensive PT and therapy, he got right back out on the road where he felt he belonged. In no time at all, after correcting his form and posture, his knees began to grow stronger and healthier. With the knowledge of what happened, he pursued a carreer of making others lives better. He saw a need, and wanted to show people how to fix it. What started as a daily run, became a life of fitness routine and the passion to help others achieve the same. He says, "There is a great need in our country today for fitness. A large percentage of people die faster, or suffer from some unnecessary disease as a direct result of not living a consistent healthy lifestyle." David studied Personal Fitness Training through ISSA - International Sports and Science Academy to earn his cerification. He spent years developing the knowledge of how to effectively train through all of the senses - what we hear, what we see, and what we feel. He says "most of the knowledge I have aquired is accredited to my good friend and workout partner Harry. My "fitlife" began in his garage lifting free weights. The quality time and the words of motivation were just what I needed to get my show on the road. It was him that pushed me outside my comfort zone and taught me to appreciate the adaptive changes of working out." Now David strives to make peoples lives better by empowering them as an individual. He believes that each life is different for a variety of reasons, and there is no magical solution. Each client needs to be catered to 100%. 

Tired of that nagging pain?

Did you know...


Nobody likes to strech. However, studies show us, that the #1 cause of pain in your knees, ankles, feet, or even lower back is due to a lack of proper stretching.


There's Good News...It just got easier for you!

All of the major muscles and tendons from hip to toe are connected in some shape of form. Studies reveal that a simple 30 degree stretch of your calve muscle is the optimum fix!




Can YOU afford just 2 minutes a day to slash your pain and your PT bill?

End the #1 Cause for ankle, knee, back, or foot pain!

A few simple stretches. That's all it takes! Simply take one foot at a time, and concentrate on the stretch. Spend a solid 30 seconds pushing to your maximum stretch - then ease off. Wait a few seconds, and do it on the second foot. Repeat this process once more, and you're good to go. Do at least that much. For even better results, consider doing this before each meal - just 60 seconds three times each day. It's that fast and it's that easy!



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When you have tight muscles, either in your legs, knees, ankles, or even your hips, it affects major portions of your lower body. By doing some simple stretches a few times a day, you can easily correct common problems that lead to pain. Platar Fasciitis, knee pain, ankle pain, hip pain, even lower back or lumbar pain. The pain you feel is the result of the wrong muscles being used in an unnatural way to compensate for the "proper" weak muscles not being used!



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