"Guaranteed Results Fast!"
"Guaranteed Results Fast!"

100% Flexibility

SIG Sam offers you a diverse range of services and a few select products that can compliment those services. I offer exclusively 1-on-1 in home training only! My goal is to eliminate all distraction, competition, and the feeling that somone is watching you fail. In the saftey and comfort of you home, I allow you to perform at your best, and walk each step with you as you fly towards your fitness goals. Whether it be weight loss, mass gain, toning, cardio training, or flexibility, I'll be there 100% of the way to success.

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When you have tight muscles, either in your legs, knees, ankles, or even your hips, it affects major portions of your lower body. By doing some simple stretches a few times a day, you can easily correct common problems that lead to pain. Platar Fasciitis, knee pain, ankle pain, hip pain, even lower back or lumbar pain. The pain you feel is the result of the wrong muscles being used in an unnatural way to compensate for the "proper" weak muscles not being used!



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